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Welcome to our virtual tour! Here, you'll discover many of the things that make us unique. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean in sunny San Diego, we are a small school with a big purpose: to not only prepare you for a career after you graduate but also help you pursue your God-given vocation and become who you are called to be.

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Residential Life at Loma

As a student, you are guaranteed on-campus housing for the first two years, and 65% of students choose to live on campus for all four. Find your home away from home at PLNU!

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Career Compass: Guiding Your Future

By living in one of America’s most incredible cities, job opportunities, networking, and internships are just minutes away. Our Career Services Office will connect you with internships, mentors, and industry-leading alumni.

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Go Sea Lions!

Whether you want to compete or cheer from the sidelines, when you put on the green and gold, you join a long-standing tradition for life. Our school spirit brings us closer together, building relationships between students, faculty, and alumni as we root for our top-ranked NCAA DII sports teams.

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Faith and Community at PLNU

As a community that values compassion, hospitality, and grace, we believe Christ-centered education happens best when it's lived out together. That's why 91% of students are involved in on-and off-campus ministries.

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Dining at Loma

Our dining program offers a wide variety of fresh food, made-to-order meals, grab-and-go options, and menu selections that excite your pallet and accommodate every dietary restriction and food allergy.

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Located just minutes from the heart of downtown San Diego, there's plenty to explore at PLNU! Check out some of PLNU students' favorite activities and adventures in and around San Diego.

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Take a Virtual Tour of PLNU (2024)


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