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This post delves into the life and career of Gary Goben, a renowned figure in the United States known for his on-air TV presence. His life story is filled with inspiration, making him a beloved figure among his fans who are eager to learn more about his background.

Gary Goben is a well-known broadcast television personality, trade and design consultant, and senior manager associated with the Qurate Retail Group. He calls Exton, Pennsylvania, United States, his current home.

Notably, Gary Goben currently holds the position of Senior Apparel Designer for Denim and Company, which happens to be QVC’s highly successful proprietary brand.

Gary Goben Biography, Wikipedia, QVC, Age, Family, Wife, Net Worth

NameGary Goben
Gary Goben’s BirthdayFebruary 13, 1957
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Gary Goben’s NationalityAmerica
Gary Goben’s HometownExton, Pennsylvania, United States
Sun signUnknown
Gary Goben’s heightUnknown
Body weightUnknown
Education Gary GobenUniversity of Kentucky Fashion Institute of Technology Baruch College Moore College of Art and Design
QualificationsBachelor of Science in Fashion Design and Merchandising Fashion Illustration Course
Marriage statusmarried
Girl friendUnknown
Gary Goben’s familyGary Goben Parents: Father:- Unknown Mother:- Unknown Siblings:- Unknown
Gary Goben Wife/PartnerNorma J Goben
Gary Goben’s professionOn Air TV Personality and Senior Manager
Gary Goben Net WorthUnknown
Social Media ProfilesGary Goben Facebook ID: @ggobendco Twitter ID: Unknown Gary Goben Instagram ID: @gary_goben LinkedIn ID: @garygoben
The Gary Goben era66 years old in 2023.

Early Life Wikipedia Gary Goben

Gary Goben maintains a high level of privacy regarding his early life, making it challenging to gather specific details about his upbringing. He prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye, which is why information about his early years is scarce. Based on available information, it is believed that Gary Goben was born on February 13, 1957, in the United States, which would make him approximately 66 years old.

Regarding his education, Gary Goben embarked on his academic journey at the University of Kentucky, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Science with a focus on Fashion Design and Merchandising. Additionally, he enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, United States, to further his education in the field of fashion. Gary Goben is also an alumnus of Baruch College.

His passion for nurturing his creative talents and excelling in his chosen field prompted him to pursue additional certified courses. Notably, he completed a Fashion Illustration Course at Moore College of Art and Design, which provided him with valuable insights into the fashion industry.

Gary Goben Career Details

Gary Goben is an on-air TV personality with an extensive background in conversational commerce and shoppable content, amassing over 5 years of experience in these fields. His dedication and hard work are evident in his pursuit of his dreams. Additionally, he is actively involved in branding and design consultancy, contributing to global marketing efforts.

With a rich career spanning more than two decades, Gary Goben has honed his expertise in various aspects of the design process. His experience encompasses product development, employee management, trend analysis, and presentation skills. As a creative designer and marketer, he has successfully navigated and excelled in all phases of his career.

Gary Goben Special

  • comprehensive understanding of business and technical know-how
  • a reliable and accountable individual
  • outstanding ability to handle time and tasks
  • Individuals and the efficiency of organizations
  • spirited and imaginative
  • Showcase your own leadership within the company.
  • Consumer interaction and branding

The Gary Goben Experience in Detail

After completing his studies, Gary embarked on his professional journey as a designer at Dawn Joy Inc. from 1995 to 1997. Demonstrating his talent and dedication, he quickly rose to become the Head Designer and Merchandiser at Betsy and Adam Ltd. in 1997. His previous experiences laid a solid foundation for his career, and his designs garnered critical acclaim from various fashion houses.

Gary dedicated 7 years of his career to Betsy and Adam Ltd. before making a move to Multi-Group Inc. in New York, where he assumed the role of Creative Director. As Creative Director, he was responsible for overseeing all departments related to the design process and maintaining strong relationships with overseas customers and producers.

Currently, Gary Goben holds the position of Senior Designer at QVC, the flagship shopping channel under the Qurate Retail Group. In this role, he manages the largest proprietary brands, including Denim and Company, along with its brand extensions such as Essentials, Beach, Active, and Studio. He leads a team of 6 direct reports, overseeing the design and development process for all product lines. Gary is also actively involved in making presentations to top executives and buyers. Additionally, he serves as the Acting Trend Manager, collaborating closely with the merchandising team to ensure products align with the latest trends and brand vision.

His Social Media Life

Gary Goben maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. You can follow him on these platforms to stay updated with his professional endeavors and insights.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Who is Gary Goben?

Gary Goben is a well-known on-air television personality, trade talk expert, and design consultant in the United States. He holds a senior managerial position with the Qurate Retail Group and calls Exton, Pennsylvania, United States, his home. Currently, Gary Goben serves as the highly skilled Senior Apparel Designer for Denim and Company, which happens to be QVC’s highly successful proprietary brand.

Gary Goben Biography, Wikipedia, QVC, Age, Family, Wife, Net Worth - My Blog (2024)


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