Evil Dead Rise: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, & Everything We Know (2024)

Evil Dead Rise releases April 2023, and there are plenty of Evil Dead Rise updates about the upcoming entry in the franchise to pique horror fans' interest. 2013’s Evil Dead was a reboot/sequel to the original trilogy and was a surprising instance of a remake respecting and adding to its source. Evil Dead Rise will be the fifth film in a franchise that includes a TV series, Ash vs the Evil Dead, though it's not related to the previous storylines. Much like Evil Dead (2013), Evil Dead Rise is a spin-off, with the Deadites back to terrorize a new cohort of victims.

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Raimi and Fede Álvarez had both announced their intentions to film sequels to Army of Darkness and Evil Dead (2013), respectively, but those sequels to the Mia Allen and Ash Williams storylines never materialized, partly due to Bruce Campbell announcing his retirement from the character after the TV show. It has been 10 years since Álvarez’s Evil Dead, and Lee Cronin helms the new entry. There have been a number of announced and canceled projects since 2013 that have kept audiences waiting for an official release and further Evil Dead Rise updates. Evil Dead Rise follows new characters in a new locale, and here’s everything fans need to know.

Evil Dead Rise Recent News

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The latest Evil Dead Rise updates include reviews from early screenings, and they didn't disappoint. The new setting of a cramped and derelict apartment building rather than an abandoned cabin in the woods works exceedingly well as the new location of terror. The new addition to the franchise provides a claustrophobic and terrifying view of the deadites takeover as victims are picked off one by one. Reportedly, Evil Dead Rise managed to stick to what made Raimi's low-budget trilogy a success, culminating in one egregiously bloody climax. The new scream queens have also been praised, and will assuredly be seen acting in the horror genre again.

The official runtime for Evil Dead Rise has been announced, and clocking in at 96 minutes, it is the longest film in the franchise. The Evil Dead movies seem to pride themselves on being fast-paced and fun, and even at 96 minutes, Evil Dead Rise still has a lean runtime. It's rare for current movies, particularly franchise movies, to come in at under two hours, so at even under 100 minutes, it's likely that no minute will be wasted in Evil Dead Rise. If the trailer is anything to go by, this latest installment will be just as wildly bloody as its predecessors.

Evil Dead Rise Release Date

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The latest Evil Dead Rise updates report that the film is slated to be released exclusively in theaters on April 21, 2023. This comes after an initial push to release the film to streaming on HBO Max after a long production that began in 2019. Evil Dead Rise finally wrapped in October 2021, and the decision to move the film to theatrical release should only benefit it in the long run. Some lucky viewers were able to catch Cronin’s film at South by Southwest on March 15, 2023, according to the SXSW schedule.

Evil Dead Rise Cast

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The latest Evil Dead Rise updates report that Alyssa Sutherland joins the cast as Ellie, a mother of three, and Lily Sullivan as her estranged sister Beth, who will be the main character. The rest of the characters to appear includes Bridget (Gabrielle Echols), Danny (Morgan Davies), Kassie (Nell Fisher), Jessica (Mia Challis), Scott (Tai Wano), Gabriel (Jayden Daniels), and Jake (Billy Reynolds-McCarthy). Just like the 2013 Evil Dead, and evidence that this entry in the franchise will have a separate story from the earlier films, none of the main cast and characters of Evil Dead Rise are from previous films.

The post-Army of Darkness films have taken the focus off Ash Williams and instead explored how the Necronomicon has affected other groups of unsuspecting people. In Evil Dead (2013), Ash is not a part of the film until the last scene, which operates as a fourth-wall-breaking moment. The screen cuts to Campbell in silhouette as he leans forward and says his famous catchphrase, “Groovy.” Unfortunately, Campbell won't be appearing in Evil Dead Rise, as his only involvement is as executive producer.

Evil Dead Rise Story Details

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The newest Evil Dead Rise updates from early screenings have finally revealed more information about the plot. For the fifth film in the Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead Rise takes the Necronomicon and the Deadites to the wider world, much like Ash vs the Evil Dead. As revealed in the trailer, in Evil Dead Rise, Beth (Sullivan) goes to visit her sister and single mother, Ellie (Sutherland), to discuss her pregnancy, as well as visit Ellie’s three children.

However, Ellie's apartment building sits on top of where an old bank used to be where one of the vaults left behind contains none other than the Necronomicon. After an earthquake strikes the area, the discovery of the Necronomicon by a curious teenager unleashes the Deadite horror not only on the family but on those living in the apartment complex as well. If the signature gore from the first films and the recent early screening reviews is anything to go off of, Evil Dead Rise should be a bloody affair.

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Evil Dead Rise Trailer

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Evil Dead Rise updates do, in fact, include a trailer. Warner Brothers released the full red-band trailer of Evil Dead Rise in early January 2023 after Campbell, an executive producer of the film, shared a sneak peek over Twitter. In just two and a half minutes, the film promises to be as bloody as any of the previous entries, as it’s filled with all the gore and creative use of normal everyday tools that audiences have come to expect from the Evil Dead franchise. From one scene in particular, it appears that Beth is being set up as the next Ash Williams or Mia Allen in the franchise.

Near the end, Beth stands up, covered head to toe in blood, and revs up a chainsaw. Notably, the family and children in Evil Dead Rise look to play important roles, and many of the scares and plot points revolve around the interactions between the young kids and their aunt. Ash vs the Evil Dead explored the idea of younger people experiencing the horrifying world of the Necronomicon alongside a more experienced adult, but this is the first time the young people are children, and the Ash Williams stand-in is certainly not as used to the horror as her predecessor.

Are Sam Raimi And Fede Álvarez Part Of Evil Dead Rise?

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While Álvarez was once interested in making a sequel to Evil Dead, production difficulties and focus on other projects such as Don’t Breathe 2 eventually took him off any pre-production for Evil Dead Rise. Raimi, on the other hand, has stayed interested in being a part of the franchise and even hand-picked Evil Dead Rise director Cronin for the project (via Empire). The latest Evil Dead Rise updates report that Raimi is an executive producer of the film, has seen multiple edits of the movie, and has been outspoken about their quality. Having Raimi and Campbell in the producers' chairs adds another layer of anticipation to the film.

Evil Dead Rise Is Rated R

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Whether the violence is comedic like in Raimi’s trilogy or it’s disturbingly gory like in Álvarez’s Evil Dead, the violence in the franchise has made every one of its films earn at least an R-rating. Evil Dead Rise also earns an R-rating for strong bloody horror violence and gore, and some language, to continue the franchise’s legacy. That is welcome news for fans of the Evil Dead franchise as the amount of blood and carnage are a staple of the film series. With an apartment complex full of potential victims, Evil Dead Rise is sure to be as gruesome an affair as any in the franchise.

Evil Dead Rise: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, & Everything We Know (2024)


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