Can I use my Chase account to make crypto asset payments? (2024)

No, we block any payment we identify as acrypto asset transaction. If you try to make a bank transfer or card payment to a crypto exchange, we'll decline itand no money will leave your account.

If a payment isn't identified as a crypto transaction, we won'tautomaticallyblock it.

Why don't you allow crypto asset payments?

We've made this decision because fraudsters oftenusecrypto assets to steal large sums of money from people. Blocking these payments is one of the ways we help keep you and your money safe.

Can I withdraw funds from a crypto exchange to my Chase account?

Yes. We'll only block crypto payments going out from your Chase account.

Will you ever allow crypto asset payments?

We regularly review our policies, but helping to keep you and your money safe will always be our priority – so we can't guarantee that this policy will change.

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Can I use my Chase account to make crypto asset payments? (2024)


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